Eric Scheiner
Director, MRCTV

Eric Scheiner is the Director of MRCTV, and has over 20 years experience in broadcasting and video production. Beginning his broadcasting career in the First-In-The-Nation Primary state of New Hampshire, politics, government spending and constitutional issues have been a major thread through his work. Eric left New England in 2005 to host the launch of the award winning 'WYOU Interactive' program for the Pennsylvania CBS affiliate before relocating to the DC area and joining with the Media Research Center.

John Holdren, Director of White House Science and Technology Policy says, global warming is a “dangerous misnomer”.
A daily digest of stories on for September 15th, 2010
Rep. Mike Pence gives his thoughts on fighting debt and the upcoming elections, but refuses to answer if this congress has ignored the Constitution.
Andrew Breitbart gives his thoughts on the Tea Party, the media and the 9/12 rally.
A daily digest of stories on for Sept. 14, 2010
Conservative leaders at the Faith and Freedom conference called for the repeal of President Obama’s health care law. The Obama administration is currently attempting to persuade a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit brought forth by 20 states over the individual mandate in the health care law.
Dick Armey claims that a Republican takeover of congress will be under the watchful eye of conservatives.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will retire after the midterm elections and that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will lose re-election.
A daily digest of stories on for Sept. 13, 2010
President Barack Obama defends the right to build the ground-zero mosque on the day before September 11th.