Mark Finkelstein

Mark's undergrad degree is from Cornell. He has law degrees from SUNY Buffalo and Harvard. He practiced law in NYC, Mexico City, and Paris, before doing a stint as a pro tennis manager and tournament organizer. He returned to his college town of Ithaca, NY and got involved in real estate development and politics.

In 2011, Mark moved to Pecan Plantation, TX, and in 2018, to Oak Island, NC.

Mark's a dog lover who has used his small plane to do many dog-rescue flights. He speaks Spanish and French.

On Meet The Press, Chuck Todd claims that letting in more migrants could help inflation by filling labor force shortages. He doesn't explain why, if that's true, Democrat authorities have reacted with horror when Republican governors have sent them busloads and planeloads of migrants, instead of immediately putting them to work!

In a New Day segment on a teenager in North Dakota run down and killed by a driver after what the driver admitted was a political argument in which he called the teenager an extremist Republican, CNN doesn't mention the Republican affiliation of the victim.

On Morning Joe, hawk Richard Haass and dove Elise Jordan clash over whether this is a good point for Ukraine to negotiate a peace settlement with Russia. Jordan says this is the "best possible time" for Ukraine to negotiate. Haass says neither party is interested in compromise, and that the idea of a negotiation at this time is a "pipe dream."

In a discussion on CNN's New Day, John Berman and Harry Enten ignore the fact that as per Gallup polling of the problems facing America, abortion comes in at the bottom of the list displayed at only 5%. Instead, Berman and Enten tout the fact that although the economy is the number one issue at 37%, that percentage is lower than it's been in other years.

On his MSNBC Sunday show, Jonathan Capehart frets that if a second constitutional convention is convened, it could result in him being reclassified as three-fifths of a person, as were slaves under the original constitution.

On Tiffany Cross's MSNBC show, Elie Mystal of The Nation says: "This is literally what conservative white folks do when they don't get their way. They turn violent . . . White people turn violent when they don't politically get their way. All the damn time in this country. It's what they do!"

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough admits there's a border crisis, but accuses Republican governors of engaging in "grotesque" human trafficking by bussing and flying migrants to northern locations. Willie Geist describes migrants being put on planes and dropped "on an island off the coast of Massachusetts." He doesn't disclose that the island in question isn't an inhospitable rock, but the tony vacation spot of Martha's Vineyard.

On Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show, MSNBC contributor Jason Johson calls Biden a "war hero." Fact: Biden never served in the military, and got four deferments for "asthma."

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and former Obama car czar Steve Rattner offer surprising praise for Margaret Thatcher, saying her tough economic policies saved Britain from "becoming France."

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Gene Robinson agree that, as the liberal media loves to say, the walls are "closing in" on Donald Trump.