Mark Finkelstein

Mark's undergrad degree is from Cornell. He has law degrees from SUNY Buffalo and Harvard. He practiced law in NYC, Mexico City, and Paris, before doing a stint as a pro tennis manager and tournament organizer. He returned to his college town of Ithaca, NY and got involved in real estate development and politics.

In 2011, Mark moved to Pecan Plantation, TX, and in 2018, to Oak Island, NC.

Mark's a dog lover who has used his small plane to do many dog-rescue flights. He speaks Spanish and French.

On CNN's New Day, the notion that Democrats are motivated by political gain in their soft-on-immigration policies is branded a, racist, garbage, conspiracy theory.

On Tiffany Cross's MSNBC show, regular guest Elie Mystal of The Nation says he's a "fan" of the idea of Nancy Pelosi using the alleged "inherent" powers of Congress to have the Sergeant at Arms "physically abscond" Republicans who have not responded to subpoenas from the January 6th committee, and bring them to her "basement."

On Morning Joe, MSNBC Republican Elise Jordan demands that AG Merrick Garland "get in the game" and "fight" Republicans, by prosecuting Members of Congress who haven't replied to subpoenas. She says the actions of the House January 6th committee is legitimate. But the panel frets that if the Republicans take back the House in January, they will exact "revenge" by investigating Democrats.

On Morning Joe, for the second week running, puerile punk Joe Scarborough calls Republicans "crazy as a shithouse rat."

Saying, "there's always something," Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski mock Sen. Susan Collins' opposition to the so-called Women's Health Protection Act because there is no exemption for people with religious objections to abortion. They also mock Collins, calling her a "snowflake," for calling the police after the sidewalk outside her home was chalked. Joe and Mika ignore the fact that Collins has received profanity-laced death threats from abortion advocates.

On Morning Joe, a scaremongering Joe Scarborough says that if the Alito opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is adopted, it could lead to the overturning of other decisions, specifically including Loving v. Virginia, which struck down the Virginia law outlawing interracial marriage.

On New Day, CNN reporter Laura Jarrett, daughter of former top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, supports pro-abortion protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices. She says a conversation about "civility . . . misses the mark."

On her MSNBC show, Tiffany Cross suggests that it's better for babies to be aborted than placed in foster care. She also calls Justice Samuel Alito, a HS valedictorian who graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton, "dim-witted." She also says that people without uteruses should shut the blank up about abortion, because it doesn't concern them.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough says that candidates supporting Trump are "MAGA freaks" who are "crazy as a shithouse rat."

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough argues that the leaker of the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was likely a "fanatical" right-wing law clerk, or Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.