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The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) released their report Wednesday on the impact of President Obama's paid leave proposal, H.R. 932.

The mandate would require employers to offer paid leave to their employees. While this might sound good in theory, the NFIB claims the possible economic outcome of this bill could be devastating.

“There’s no such thing as a free benefit,” said NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner.  “This would come at a high cost to small business and will have a serious effect on jobs and the economy.”

The NFIB reports that the law would cost the country 430,000 jobs and downsize economic output by $652 billion over a 10 year period.

NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner commented on the situation:

What the advocates don’t realize is that there are millions of small businesses that don’t make a dollar if their employees aren’t there to perform a service for customers. No one gets paid, including the business owner, if customers aren’t being served.


The NFIB asserts the negatives of the plan outweigh the incentives. Employers will feel the brunt of the Obama mandate.

The research says that the direct expense of paying wages to absent workers, the lost productivity resulting from workers not working, and the increased costs for reporting and recordkeeping will hurt companies.


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After being off of the bookshelves since World War II, Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" has returned.

The 2,000 page annotated version of the book was reissued after the Munich Institute for Contemporary History (MICH) renewed its copyright.

"The book is not only a historical source, it's a symbol," said Christian Hartmann, co-editor of the edition. "And we wanted to dismantle that symbol once and for all."


There were 15,000 pre-orders for the book, almost four times the 4,000 copies printed. Demands for translations in different languages have come from all over the globe.

The head of MICH, Andreas Wirsching, told a news conference, “The edition unmasks Hitler's false allegations, his whitewashing and outright lies.”

Before it was stricken from the shelves in Germany after World War II ended, "Mein Kampf" sold 12 million copies.


President Obama took to the Web to answer questions from three YouTube "Celebrities" on Friday. Some of the questions were... ummm... interesting?

The complete interview lasted just under an hour, with each YouTuber given 15-20 minutes to ask Obama questions.

The questions ranged from "Which 'Star Wars' character do you think you would be?" to "Which way would you put pants on a dog?"

And, of course, if there was an element named after him - "Obamium" - what would he like its characteristics to be.


That is not a joke.

While watching the video below, ask yourself, "Would I ask the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, these questions?"



Europe is being overrun with sexual assaults perpetrated by migrants. While this may not be a new phenomenon, the practice of it, particularly in Sweden and Germany, is growing at an alarming rate. 

On New Years' Eve, the German police in Cologne reported receiving 600 complaints of sexual assaults and rape by men who were of "Arab or North African origin." 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been relatively quiet about these incidents until the practice of rape Jihad were exposed, has called the New Years attacks "repugnant, criminal offenses."


About a year ago, ISIS leadership actually issued guidelines for raping women.  

The most common practice consists of a group of men surrounding a woman in a crowded situation, while the men in the middle of the circle commit the heinous acts. The circle provides cover for the pigs carrying out the assault.

An example of this growing, disgusting act is depicted in the video below, which took place on June 30, 2015 in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

(Warning: Graphic Content)



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During a portion of his final State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama might not have gotten quite the reaction he wanted out of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In his speech, Obama claimed:

“I told you earlier all the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker. Let me tell you something — the United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period. It’s not even close.”

But while the president was speaking, C-SPAN's cameras broke to a shot of the Joint Chiefs, who were not applauding with most of the audience. In fact, all seven of the Joint Chiefs pictured did not even seem to flinch. 


“Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world,” Obama proclaimed. “No nation dares to attack us or our allies because they know that’s the path to ruin. Surveys show our standing around the world is higher than when I was elected to this office."

Obama said this on the very same day that 10 U.S. Navy soldiers were being held by Iran after their boat drifted in the Persian Gulf.




Behind the scenes at tapings of the game show Family Feud, host Steve Harvey will talk to the audience. Sometimes he'll have conversations. Sometimes he'll do a little stand-up comedy.

On this occassion, however, Harvey decided to give the audience some advice that they might not ever forget.

In the six-and-a-half minute video, Harvey talks to the crowd, who are hanging on his every word, about life and how sometimes you just need to "jump." When he uses the word "jump," he means that you need to take risks in life. If you don't, in his words, "you are just existing." 

Harvey talks about finding your personal gift that was given to you by God and using it to its maximum potential.


Harvey, who was in the news recently for his huge flub at the Miss Universe pageant, might just redeem himself with this life advice that anyone could use.

Click on the video below to see what else Harvey had to say:




British Actor Alan Rickman died today at the age of 69. Rickman, who is best known for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, passed away from his struggle with cancer. 

According to the BBC, a family statement was released: "The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends."

Tributes to Rickman have been pouring in as the minutes following his passing roll on:







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In an exclusive with Fox News on Wednesday, Duck Commander Phil Robertson said that he and his family are endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz in the upcoming presidential election. Cruz filmed a video with Robertson on Monday to make the Wednesday announcement official. 

As part of the one-minute video posted on Cruz's YouTube page, Robertson, the star of the A&E show "Duck Dynasty," gave his list of qualifications for his vote and said Cruz is the man for the job.

“My qualifications for president of the United States are rather narrow: Is he or she godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job, and finally, would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo?” Robertson said. “Cruz fits the bill.”


Cruz responded to the endorsement by saying, “I am thrilled to have Phil’s support for our campaign. The Robertsons are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values.”

Cruz continued, “Phil’s story of starting off with something small and working hard to achieve the American dream is inspiring. Much like my parents and many other Americans who started a small business and worked hard to provide for our family.”

Robertson's endorsement could be a boon to Cruz's chances as some polls show fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump increasing his lead.


(Image: ISNA)

Oil prices have been in freefall for the last year and a half.

As of today, crude oil is trading at $30.38 a barrel. But just eighteen short months ago, that price was set at $106 a barrel -- 71.3 percent higher. If the same thing happened to our stock market, it would be the biggest sustained loss since The Great Depression, when the market dropped 89 percent in a thirty-month span.

The Telegraph reported Tuesday that major banks such as Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and RBS are predicting oil price projections at $10 a barrel by the end of the year. A huge oil surplus and falling demand are pushing analysts to predict the lowest gas prices since 2009.

Standard Chartered weighed in on the subject:

"Given that no fundamental relationship is currently driving the oil market towards any equilibrium, prices are being moved almost entirely by financial flows caused by fluctuations in other asset prices, including the dollar and equity markets.”


Despite requests from multiple members, Opec stated that they would not hold any emergency meetings.

As Mehreen Khan of The Telegraph noted, “Opec meets twice a year, but its latest gathering in December ended in a fractious stalemate over production targets, as Saudi Arabia and Iran struggle for dominance of the world's market share.”


The world is coming to an end!

Our planet is warming or cooling, depending on who you ask, at an alarming rate. "The Pause" is legitimate, and when the Earth presses play it’s really going to hit the fan. The Earth is cracking like…something that is utterly riddled with cracks. Although, the Earth could also be flooding like the second coming of Noah.

Think "rock people."

At least, this is what one new documentary will have you believe. Released on DVD and Blu-Ray Tuesday, This Changes Everything tells the story of how evil the civilized world is, and explains what everyone can do to combat it.

The trailer for the film paints a portrait of how “climate change” is not only 100% real, but it is also an opportunity for business to innovate and create a new world.

Directed by Avi Lewis, and inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond.

Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Klein’s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.