Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) graced New York with her presence this weekend at the Global Citizen concert held at Central Park. Pelosi was booed on stage. (Yes, it’s OK to laugh)


As a result of Abrams lies, Dr. Tara Sander Lee who studied heart development at Harvard Medical School and serves as Director of Life Sciences and Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), completely squashed Abrams claims.


In a September 12 piece by the Washington Post, the outlet highlighted the “critical” need for what it called “climate stress counseling services” at universities across the country. 

"America First" Radio talk show host, Sebastian Gorka, speaks about "waking up" to the woke-ness of today's culture.

The Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon, speaks about satire, Elon Musk and the Conservative Movement at large.