$1 Million Lottery Winner Still On Food Stamps

Joe Schoffstall | March 7, 2012
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Amanda Clayton from Lincoln Park, Michigan won the lottery to the tune of $1 million. Despite this, the 24-year-old remains on welfare and collects $200 per month in food stamps.

"I thought that they would cut me off, but then since they didn't, I thought maybe it was okay because I'm not working", said Clayton when confronted by a local reporter. She continued by justifying her decision, "No, I won a million but I took a lump sum and it dropped to $700,000 and then after taxes it was just a little bit over half."

Clayton says it's okay to remain on the welfare handout because she doesn't have a source of income and has bills to pay. She also believes she's entitled to it because she's "still struggling" and has two homes to run.