11,000 Climate Science Fearmongers Call for What We Knew They Wanted All Along: Population Control

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 5, 2019
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They’ve finally removed their masks.

For years, discerning and historically knowledgeable critics of the Climate Change Cult have tried to warn people that many of the most vocal promoters of the Anthropogenic Climate Change mythology are part of a multi-generational (to use an ironic term) movement promoting collectivism, materialism, disrespect for natural rights, eugenics, and the culling of the world population.

And now, as Eric Roston reports for Bloomberg, our arguments have been confirmed.

More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet.

In the journal “Bioscience,” the gang wrote:

We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.

And population control is a major part of their answer to this fictional climate “emergency”:

It (world population) ‘must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity,’

Because, as we all know, nothing insures social integrity more than government mandating what people in society can do with their earnings, with their purchases and sales of cars, with their choices in food, with their choices in transportation and abodes, with their choices in electrical use, heat, air conditioning, and, now, with their choices about having offspring.


Because, of course, despite the fact that Climate Cultists repeatedly have been proven wrong, caught manipulating data and the temperature record for evidently political reasons, and even caught communicating with one another about their subterfuge -- despite the fact that, as Lord Christopher Monckton has often noted, for over eighteen years, from 1997 through 2015, there was no statistically significant “global warming” – as Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel have advised their statist friends, “never squander a good crisis”, even when you have to invent it.

And, by the way, Rahm's brother, Ezekiel, not only pushed the idea of not living past 75 -- he helped construct the Obamacare statute, which has death panels in it under a different handle called "Best Practices."

So, now, despite all of the information reality-based folks like us can wield against their baseless claims and bizarre ideas, and with a fawning, collectivist-dominated pop media to help them push their anti-human agenda, the Climate Change gang takes its next predictable step, to call for government control over the population, and all of the horror that entails.

They now reveal their true nature.

The Climate Change gang is an apocalyptic death cult.

And they continue on the collectivist path of the cleptocrats, autocrats, and technocrats who -- perhaps inspired by Plato’s desire to pick and choose who lived, died, and got permission to reproduce -- got the gears rolling in the late 18th Century with the population fearmonger, Thomas Malthus.

It was Malthus’ anti-economic, unrealistic fear that a growing population would be unable to sustain its own nutritional needs, and, of course, such a potential disaster could only be averted through hardcore central planning and, somehow, keeping the population below a certain level.

Of course, he was wrong. Competitive enterprise and freedom allowed inventors and consumers constantly to improve farming techniques, shipping, animal husbandry, storage, medicine, environmental controls, irrigation, fertilization, and to develop new strains of plants. As economists recognize, the Industrial Revolution that followed Malthus’ crazed terror campaign saw the per-capita lifespan grow, saw a burgeoning population, higher living standards, and the availability of MORE food, not less, without the need to use as much arable land.

But that didn’t stop the fearmongers, who, decade after decade, prey on the ignorance or lack of interest many people have when it comes to economics and statistics on living standards. Soon after Malthus was proven wrong by the vast plenty provided by the Industrial Revolution, the left offered the rise of its modern eugenics movement.

This was led by a number of high-profile collectivist figures, including Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, her lover, HG Wells, and the worshipped-by lefties Bertrand Russell, the latter two of whom used the term “virus” to describe the human race.

Russell even noted how absolutely great it would be if the “feebleminded” were sterilized by the state.

And, yes, one should not whitewash the fact that the darling of some so-called “conservatives”, Winston Churchill, was one of the Vice-Presidents of the first International Eugenics Congress, held in London in 1912 – during the period when Churchill was avowedly associating himself with the left.

Even the early backers of minimum wage laws saw them as ways to make the “defectives stand out” and purge them.

Theirs is a legacy of doom-saying and apocalypse. Theirs is a world of strife, where the pie cannot be grown through invention and the ultimate resource of the human mind, but is static, and requires human souls to be cut out for “the greater good”. It is an “ends-justifies-the-means” ideology of world government crushing individual rights that has seen numerous so-called “scientists” throw-in with their ilk.

Most recent prior to the Climate Change Cult were the “New Ice Age” gang, and the “Population Bomb” mentality of people like author Paul Ehrlich, who penned the 1968 book of the same name, predicting mass starvation and a lack of world “resources” after the 1970s. Well, it turns out that in 1980, libertarian economist and author of “The Ultimate Resource” (I and II) offered him a wager that, after ten more years, just the opposite would be the case.

And Simon won.

Simon understood that the ultimate resource – in fact, the only thing that turns the things around us into “resources” is man’s mind.

Today, thanks to human ingenuity and competition to increase efficiency and drive down costs, life is even better. As John Stossel and Katherine Mangu-Ward note in an excellent piece and video for Reason:

A graph in Reason shows that about 50 years ago, 53 percent of people were middle-income, making between $35,000 and $100,000 per year. Although that statistic has since fallen to 42 percent, the reason is that many people moved into upper-income brackets. The share making more than $100,000 rose from 8 percent to almost 28 percent. (These numbers are inflation-adjusted.)

Ronald Bailey notes that, generally, war, famine, and death rates have been on the decline.

If you live in the northeastern US, you know stone walls run all over the place, especially in the woods. Those walls once delineated farmland, and were built by the farmers themselves. The efficiency of land use for farming has allowed those lands to be left to the trees, and the world has more food.

All of these developments have been brought about because of the price system in economics, which allows people to value what they like or need, then fix prices to them through purchases. Those prices allow other enterprising people to recognize potential profit in those fields, enter them as suppliers, and then compete to supply those resources to customers, thus driving down costs and driving up efficiency and abundance.

Far from fearing the future and wanting a worldwide government to destroy us or “contain the virus”, we can yell back at these control freaks that, as the band Killing Joke exclaimed in protest of the Mathulsians, “I am the fury, the spirit of outrage.

I am a soul the collectivists would call a “virus”; I am a sovereign individual who has a right to live free, reproduce, and flourish.

The apocalypse is not nigh.