17 People Shot in NYC Monday As Crime Surges Amid Police Budget Cuts

Brittany M. Hughes | July 14, 2020
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There must be an awful lot of New York City residents who need bread for their kids -- at least, that's if AOC is to be believed, considering that's how she's explained away the massive rise in gun violence that continued to plague NYC on Monday.

Another 17 people were shot in the city on Monday alone as gun violence – and general crime – numbers continue to surge.

Twelve of those were shot in Brooklyn across 10 separate incidents. Two were shot in Manhattan, and one in each of the city’s three other boroughs. Two of the shooting victims have died from their wounds.

According to the New York Post, one officer described Monday’s shooting totals as “high for a Friday or Saturday, but for a Monday they are astronomical.”

Unfortunately for residents of the Big Apple, the massive spike doesn’t appear to be a one-off incident. During the month of June alone, the NYPD reported a 130 percent uptick in the number of shootings, a 30 percent increase in murders, a 118 percent surge in the number of burglaries, and a 51 percent increase in the number of car thefts -- all while arrests dropped by 40,000. In one particularly brutal incident last week, surveillance footage showed a man being shot dead in an intersection in broad daylight while walking with his six-year-old daughter.

The increase in crime comes just as city officials agreed, at the demand of left-wing protesters and some lawmakers, to slash $1 billion from the NYPD’s budget.