2 By Floor: Dems To Ensure 'The Revolution Will Be Subsidized'

Eric Scheiner | May 12, 2017
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At 2 By Floor we take a look at some memorable moments from the floors of Congress.

The action this week was in the Senate, where Democrats finally got what they were asking for - the removal of FBI Director James Comey. Except they weren’t happy that he was fired, because it was what they had wanted (you can ponder that logic).

They were so mad about the Trump administration dismissing Comey that they brought up arguments for impeachment, comparisons to Watergate, and even references to Chinese Curses.



“There’s a Chinese curse that says, ‘may you live in interesting times’,” Sen. Jeff Merkley said on the Senate floor. “Well, to call the times that we find ourselves in right now interesting, would be certainly an understatement.”

Despite the saying being widely attributed as a Chinese curse, there is actually no equivalent expression in Chinese. Thus proving if you repeat something enough Democrats will believe it’s true.

One thing Democrats can’t believe is that the Trump Administration is considering pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement.

Sen. Ed Markey is arguing for America to fulfill its role in the agreement, and to “unleash further this wind and solar and all electric vehicle revolution.”

This "all electric vehicle revolution", is not overthrowing a regime, but it is throwing around a lot of taxpayer money. It’s not the people rising up and taking action but the government taking action with the people’s money.

Last year the Obama administration guaranteed $4.5 billion in loans for electric vehicle operation support. And that’s on top of the Dept. of Energy dishing out $22 million to accelerate the development of plug-in vehicles.

With Democrats, ‘The revolution will be subsidized.’

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