20 State AG's Warn They'll Sue Biden Admin To End DHS Ministry of Truth – Where Have They Been?

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 10, 2022
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Contemporary fans of the classic Sherlock Holmes tales often cite his uncanny knack for pattern recognition and powers of deduction as two of the main reasons they enjoy the stories of the Great Detective battling Victorian baddies. But one need not be a sleuth of Holmes’ caliber to recognize some troubling patterns in Washington and among its hive of constitution-shirking payoff recipients, and to wonder why people weren’t alarmed long ago.

Dan Frieth reports for Reclaim The Net that 20 state Attorneys General have threatened legal action against the Biden Administration if Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not disband its newly created “Disinformation Governance Board” faster than Holmes might have uttered, “The game’s afoot!”

Virginia’s AG Jason Miyares and 19 other attorneys general sent a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, demanding the dissolution of the Disinformation Governance Board.

Frieth and Reclaim The Net obtained the letter, offered a link to it, and covered many of the central points, foremost among them being the AGs’ fear that this new DHS creation will have a chilling effect on free speech.

’This is an unacceptable and downright alarming encroachment on every citizen’s right to express his or her opinions, engage in political debate, and disagree with the government,’ the attorneys general wrote.

And Frieth went on to recall something important, along with the current controversy:

The Republicans are taking issue with the timing of the new board, as it comes after it was revealed that the White House was flagging posts on behalf of social media platforms. Additionally, it comes just after Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a self-described free speech absolutist, made a bid for Twitter.

And for those of us who have been hit so often and so swiftly by political attacks on everything from our ability to travel unmolested to being free from government surveillance, that particular reference to the White House flagging posts might need some amplification.

Here, Frieth refers to last year’s revelation that the Bidenistas were monitoring Facebook posts about COVID19, flagging the ones they didn’t like, and sending the info to Facebook officials to gag said users.

Because leftists love free speech, right?

Evidently, that wasn’t enough for state-level lawyers to protest, and it’s taken this new twist on Big Brother, in the face of Big Sis, Nina Jankowicz, the newly appointed head of the DHS Ministry of Truth, coming just as Elon Musk indicates that his coming control of Twitter might allow freer speech on that social media platform.

’Suddenly, just as Elon Musk prepares to acquire Twitter with the stated purpose of correcting the platform’s censorship of free speech, you announce the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board. As the Biden Administration apparently loses a critical ally in its campaign to suppress speech it deems ‘problematic’, you have created a new government body to continue that work within the federal government,’ the letter says.

And the AGs make a few other points, one of which is much more important than the other.

The Republicans also expressed concern about the leader of the board, Nina Jankowicz, noting that she is ‘often in error but never in doubt.’ She claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian propaganda, a theory that has since been proven wrong.

The attorneys general argue the board is illegal because there is ‘no statutory authority’ supporting its creation.

But, as I pointed out last week for MRCTV, and as Judge Andrew Napolitano powerfully observed, the character and error-fraught behavior of Ms. Ministry of Truth are not the key points, and neither is the claim by the AGs that this Ministry has “no statutory authority.”

The point is that the Department of Homeland security obtains NO CONSTITUTIONAL OR MORAL AUTHORITY – PERIOD.


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The powers granted to the federal government are few and clearly delineated, and to claim that the populace must abide by unconstitutional activities or “statutes” until they are “struck down” by politically appointed judges makes a mockery of both the Founders and our own God-given moral primacy.

Of course, the Constitution is not binding on anyone but those who swear oaths to uphold it – those being the people in DC, those AGs who don’t care to be part of this move, and those who suddenly are all so outspoken about this new arm of the Leviathan.

Those figures work for the states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia, and while their actions are partially laudable, one absolutely must ask where they have been, even as one wonders why the rest of the states are not standing with them.

Do their budgets depend so much on federal handouts that they will remain silent about a toweringly immoral and unconstitutional federal police arm, and only TWENTY will speak up once the agency becomes so ludicrously oppressive that it creates a Ministry of Truth?

Even the great Holmes might not provide a suitable answer to that question.


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