2023 America: Cheating Student Pepper-Sprays Teacher For Confiscating Her Phone

Brittany M. Hughes | May 9, 2023
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Imagine being such an entitled, selfish brat that you’d pepper spray a teacher in the face simply because he wouldn’t give you back your phone so you can keep cheating on your classwork. And yet, that’s where we are in 2023.

Shocking cell phone footage shows the moment a black female student at Antioch High School in Nashville, Tennessee shot mace directly into the eyes of a teacher who’d reportedly confiscated her phone after catching her using it to Google answers in class. According to the video, the teen girl then casually follows the man out of the classroom and into the hall demanding that he give her back her phone before calmly spraying him again. The young teacher drops to his knees gagging while the girl repeatedly shouts, “I need my phone.”

Others in the video attempt to calm the young woman, but none attempt to physically intervene during the assault.

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That same teacher had reportedly been punched in the face by another student at the same school just two months ago.

Meanwhile, the school says they’ve taken disciplinary action against the young lady and reported the assault to the police.

"The pepper-spray incident at Antioch High School represents a serious violation of law and our school policies, and the student involved has received appropriate disciplinary consequences in accordance with the student-parent handbook. An incident report was filed on Friday with the Metro Nashville Police Department through the school’s SRO for further investigation, and the teacher received immediate medical assistance from the school nurse," the statement read. "Due to FERPA’s student privacy protections, I’m not able to publicly share the specific disciplinary consequences for a student."

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