40% of Californians Say They're Thinking About Leaving Thanks to Crime & Taxes

Sarah Prentice | June 28, 2023
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New data is showing just how many Californians are contemplating leaving for freer pastures - and that's on top of the mass exodus that's already started from the dreadful liberal clown show that is the Golden State.

According to a poll conducted by California Opinion Surveys, nearly half (40%) of state residents now say they're “somewhat" or "very seriously considering” moving out of the state. 

More than half a million people have left California in the last two years alone, making it the top state for permanent exits. In fact, at one point, the “California Exodus” was happening on such a massive scale that U-Haul ran out of trucks. Literally.

This should not be surprising, as California has fallen to almost complete ruin due to liberal, apocalyptic policies. 

The number one reason survey participants gave for why they're contemplating leaving the state was the cost of living, with 61% of respondents reporting that “it is too expensive to live in California.”

The survey found that 68% of respondents - including those who don't necessarily want to leave - say they're dissatisfied with the condition of California’s economy, and 81% are unhappy with the cost of their everyday expenses. Which makes plenty of sense, considering California contains four out of the top 10 most expensive U.S. cities, and it also has the nation’s highest personal income tax.

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Crime also ranked among Californians' highest concerns, with 59% of respondents reporting dissatisfaction with how the state is handling the issue. According to a press release from Yolo County from August 2022, a case study found that California’s zero-bail policies increased total crime by 163%, with violent crime rising by 200%.

Even still, a Los Angeles court judge reinstated the county’s zero-bail policy on May 24.

Amid the rise in shoplifting, a Whole Foods in San Francisco closed due to the amount of crime it was experiencing, citing employee safety. The store had previously attempted to remedy the problem by reducing their hours due to rising levels of theft and workers finding syringes and pipes scattered throughout its bathrooms.

If California is being toppled by a near-total lack of affordability and so much crime that it cannot even keep grocery stores open, how could anyone possibly want to stay?  It's sad to see a state that was once home of the American Dream now fall to ruin under senseless, left-wing policies.

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