40 Woke Athletes Sign Letter Supporting Trans in Women's Sports

John Simmons | April 11, 2023
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A group of 40 of the most woke female athletes on the planet are signing a petition to prevent a bill introduced in Congress that would prevent transgender females from competing in women’s sports from being passed.

In February, Florida Rep. Greg Steube introduced a bill to Congress titled the “Protection of Girls and Women in Sports Act” (House Bill 734), which would require any athlete to compete in a gender setting consistent with what they were born with. To counteract that move, and others in a growing number of states, the Biden administration has voiced its plans to expand the language of Title IX to include transgendered athletes.

Naturally, big-name lefties like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, Becky Sauerbrunn, Gwen Berry, and Lori Lindsey are all voicing their support for the Biden administration’s plans, since they can’t stand the fact that a man like Steube would want to pass a law based on common sense.

All these athletes - and 35 more - signed a letter that reads:

We believe that gender equity in sport is critical, which is why we urge policymakers to turn their attention and effort to the causes women athletes have been fighting for decades, including equal pay, an end to abuse and mistreatment, uneven implementation of Title IX, and a lack of access and equity for girls of color and girls with disabilities, to name only a few. Our deepest hope is that transgender and intersex kids will never have to feel the isolation, exclusion, and othering that H.R. 734 is seeking to enshrine into law.

Of course, they had to play the race card here too. Black girls don’t get enough resources, so Title IX must be changed - or else you’re transphobic and racist!

It should be noted that most of the athletes that signed the letter are either retired or in the twilight of their careers, so they likely wouldn’t face the repercussions of their decisions if Title IX is changed.

Sounds about right: save your own skin by posturing for the left and let others deal with the consequences of the decision. 

Whether Steube’s bill or Biden's changes become law remains to be seen. But at least 40 people have reminded us of what we’ve known all along: the trans in women’s sports movement has never been about protecting biological women and has never been based on common sense. It’s been the left’s newest tactic to turn America upside down and to obtain and retain power.

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