ABC’s ‘Grey's Anatomy’ Targets SCOTUS Over Roe v. Wade Decision, Pushes Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Stephanie Hamill | October 25, 2022
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Pro-abortion propaganda was front and center on "Grey’s Anatomy" season 19, episode three titled, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex,’ as the entire episode was riddled with pro-abortion buzzwords and even a teenage abortion scene. 

Now this should come as no major surprise as the writers of "Grey’s Anatomy" have crammed the liberal agenda down the throats of viewers in previous seasons for years, which has been well documented by the Media Research Center (MRC).

With that being said, the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was clearly too irresistible for the writers to ignore. As you may have heard, women’s reproductive rights are 'under attack' according to pro-abortion activists.

Dishonest pro-abortion activists conveniently like to ignore the fact that the SCOTUS decision ultimately sent the authority to regulate and restrict abortions back to the states. But why let pesky facts get in the way of a good narrative or storyline, right? 

Keep in mind, the series set takes place in Seattle, Washington, which happens to be a so called ‘abortion sanctuary.’

The beginning of the episode begins with the return of Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson), the former chief of surgery of the hospital. Apparently, the Roe v. Wade ruling is what encouraged her to return to work after taking a leave to spend time with her family.

Bailey says her latest initiative is to put together sex-ed videos to post on social media in order to help young people learn about their bodies as “we now live in a country where the only way to guarantee you don’t have to carry an unwanted pregnancy is to not get pregnant.”


Dr. Schmitt: Wow, blasphemy. 

Dr. Bailey: I am Dr. Bailey. What are you waiting for? Let's go. 

Mika Yasuda: I’m so sorry. I thought I met all the attendees. I'm Mika Yasuda. 

Dr. Bailey: No need to apologize. I don't work here. 

Jo Wilson: Dr. Bailey was chief of surgery until about six months ago. 

Dr. Bailey: I left to spend time with my family. 

Mika Yasuda: That’s nice. 

Dr. Bailey: It was, and then the Supreme Court went and stripped women of our reproductive rights. Dr. Wilson has been helping me with a sex-ed curriculum to teach teenagers about their bodies because we now live in a country where the only way to guarantee you don't have to carry an unwanted pregnancy is to not get pregnant. And statistically speaking, teens need some big help with that. 

Jo Wilson: So we are making sex-education videos to put up on social media. 

Dr. Bailey: We want to go viral -- you know, like that cat that plays the piano. Oh, come on, people, get with it. 

Simone Griffith: Dr. Bailey, we're surgical interns. We have progress notes and nurses paging us, and we're behind on discharge summaries. I don't even have time to look at my phone. 

Mika Yasuda: I’ve got like 600 unread texts. 

Dr. Bailey: Nurses love me. You won't be bothered today. And in exchange for your cooperation, you get the benefit of working with yet another world-class surgeon. 

Dr. Montgomery: [ Sighs ] Oh, don't look so miserable. You're getting paid to talk about sex today. Sex is fun, and I need you to look like it. 

Now these are typical go-to scaremonger talking points often used by the left in regards to abortion. There are clearly ways to avoid ‘unwanted pregnancies,’ such as contraceptives and condoms, but the writers bring very little attention to that detail. 

Also, the show writers failed to mention that only 17 states have so far moved to ban or to restrict abortion, while many blue states like California have actually moved to expand abortion access.

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Instead, the episode went on to fear-monger about hypothetical pregnant teens harming themselves with ‘coat hanger abortions' because of their inability to get legal abortions.

Of course, no mention of the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives killed in the womb every year through abortion in the U.S. alone.


Dr. Montgomery: Torsions are a rare complication of cysts, and I used to caution my patients from imagining the worst-case scenario, but now, after the stripping of Roe V. Wade, everything feels like the worst-case scenario.

Dr. Bailey: Amen to that.

Dr. Montgomery: I have constant rage inside. Yeah, I've thought about going to one of those places where you pay money to destroy things.

Dr. Bailey: Doesn't help. I also have rage.

Jo Wilson: I moved to O.B. For joy. I wanted joy, and now I'm gonna watch teenage girls die from sticking coat hangers up inside of themselves. I mean, what if it's like the 70's all over again, and there are septic wards?

Dr. Bailey: Someone should make a video about how dangerous a coat hanger is. 

Dr. Montgomery: That's an excellent idea.

And the plot gets darker, as a high school character named Lucia is prescribed pills for a medical abortion, this as the doctors guide her through the process...without parental consent.

In some states, minors don't need to obtain parental consent for an abortion.


Dr. Schmitt: Lucia? I'm Dr. Schmitt, Dr. Montgomery is in surgery. 

Lucia: Do you have my results? 

Dr. Schmitt: It's positive. You're pregnant. 

Lucia: [ Gasps ] We did it one time. 

Dr. Schmitt: Did you not think that you could get pregnant the first time? 

Lucia: I’m not stupid. I just didn't think I would get pregnant the first time. 

Dr. Schmitt: Do you think that you might want to keep the pregnancy? 

Lucia: No!

Dr. Schmitt: I'm sorry. I have to ask. 

Lucia: I can't have a baby. I'm a stupid high schooler who hasn't fed her fish since Tuesday. All I have to do is put in a pinch of flakes, and I still haven't done it. A kid needs food every day -- real food. I would be the mother who forgets to feed her baby, and I would get arrested or something. Oh, my God, I don't want to be pregnant senior year. Do you know how mean kids are? 

Dr. Schmitt: I do. 

Lucia: I think my parents might actually murder me. [ Sobs ]

Dr. Schmitt: Hey. They don't have to know if you don't want them to. As long as the embryo measures under 10 weeks, you can have a medical abortion. We'll give you pills so that you can manage it at home. They say it's like a -- like a really bad period. 

Lucia: Yes, please, get me the pills. Can we please just get this over with? 

Dr. Schmitt: I'll get the ultrasound.  

The doctors eventually hand Lucia the medications that will end her pregnancy.


Dr. Schmitt: First, you'll take mifepristone. It's just one pill. It'll stop the pregnancy from growing. Then, after 24 hours, you'll take misoprostol. It's four pills. Put all four pills under your tongue for 30 minutes. And then after 30 minutes, swallow whatever is left of the pills with water. 

Dr. Montgomery: And then a few hours after you take the misoprostol, you'll experience some cramping and bleeding, like a very heavy period. Then you'll pass the pregnancy, and the pain will stop. 

Lucia: How do I know if something's wrong? 

Dr. Montgomery: It's extremely rare to have complications with a medical abortion, but if something feels off -- fever, no bleeding, too much bleeding -- then I want you to call me. 

Lucia: You’ll be here? 

Dr. Montgomery: Yes, I will be here for the next few days. So you can call me, day or night. 

Lucia: Can I take it now? 

Dr. Schmitt: You can take it whenever you're ready. 

It's incredible how fast and casual the decision was to end the pregnancy of a young woman in this scene. No real encouragement from the doctors for the high schooler to notify her parents or even have a discussion of the options and support network she would have as a young mother had she chosen life. 

Also, there was no mention of the potential long-term physical and mental health consequences of abortion.


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