Abortion Spa-Like Clinic Opening In Atlanta

Alissa Lopez | June 7, 2016
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Carafem, an abortion provider, continues to boast about the spa experience they provide their patients, promising “hot tea” and “comfy robes”. 

There’s nothing like getting a back massage and that much needed mani-pedi to make you feel better about killing an innocent baby. Amiright?

The company opened up its first clinic in Washington D.C. during the spring of 2015 and its services were announced through superfluously tasteless bright pink advertisements that stated “'Abortion’, Yeah We Do That.” 

This summer another one of these “spa-like” clinics will be opening up in Atlanta, and will once again be advertised through “bold and unapologetic” advertisements.

 According to a press release put out on Monday, Carafem will have a #OpeningDoors Facebook campaign and is currently proposing a television ad that will state, “Doors Open in Atlanta.” 

Melissa Grant, the vice president of the abortion provider, stated in the Monday press release:

At a time when women are facing more and more barriers to abortion care, we’re please to be in Atlanta to help service the community and provide a much-needed health service. By advertising through popular media outlets, we can let women know about birth control and abortion services in a way that normalizes and destigmatizes this sensitive topic.

How do you “normalize and destigmatize” abortions by offering women a 5-star luxury spa experience? If anything all that does is make the process enjoyable. Which is sick.

Carafem claims that its advertisements have been censored three times so going forward the company wants to raise money to make another attempt at publicizing themselves.

As we just opened our doors in Atlanta and need to get the word out, we thought why not try and shake things up by advertising our services in a major conservative newspaper...for a year. With our bold color and unapologetic yet supportive language, we believe our ad will not only encourage the abortion conversation but also help us raise awareness of our services with women in Atlanta. With your help and the visibility of this campaign, we believe the Atlanta media will have to run our ad. It’s worked in the past.

According to the fundraising page, the company has raised only $65 out of the needed $25,000.

I can hear the conservations now:

“Oh my goodness, your skin looks amazing!”

“Thanks, I got a deep avocado facial with a mint leaf rinse after I aborted my baby.”