Admin.: 88% of Illegal Alien Kids Ordered Removed Were No-Shows in Court

Brittany M. Hughes | February 18, 2016
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According to the President Obama's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), of the unaccompanied alien children who’ve come across the border since July of 2014, about 88 percent of those ordered removed by an immigration judge were no-shows at their final court hearing.

An EOIR spokesperson told MRCTV that between July 2014 and Jan. 26 of this year, the nation’s immigration court system has received 52,344 new charging documents for unaccompanied alien children who’ve come into the United States unlawfully (even though about 129,000 UACs have been apprehended between FY2014 and Jan. 31 of this year, according to immigration officials).

Of those, only about 22,000 cases (42 percent) have been completed by the court system. Additionally, only 10,142 cases – about one-fifth of the total caseload – have resulted in removal orders so far.

About 8,900 of those removal orders were issued in absentia, accounting for about 88 percent of the removal orders.

Another 6,100 cases were listed as “administratively closed (other),” while about 4,800 were “terminated.” The remainder were either granted relief, “administratively completed,” or resulted in “other immigration judge decisions.”

Only 689 unaccompanied minors (about 0.01 of the total) voluntarily departed.