Air Force Academy Looks to Implement New Program to Combat Public Perception of Politicization

Nick Kangadis | April 14, 2023
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With “leaders” like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark “White Rage” Milley at the helm of our military, unfortunately, confidence in the military has seen a dip in recent years. There’s so much “wokeness” infiltrating our military apparatus that some recruits and current soldiers don’t understand what their oaths even mean.

The Air Force is apparently now attempting to remedy that situation.

The academy is now trying to change the perception of the military’s politicization by promoting education of cadets on their oath to their service and to the Constitution.

According to the Daily Caller:

Cadets at the academy said they did not understand what their oath to uphold the Constitution actually meant.[…]

Administrators and a cadet at the Air Force Academy think a new program focused on informing cadets what the oath to uphold the Constitution means for members of the military will help combat trends in politicization and partisanship among military officials.

“We took the oath of office on our first day at [the U.S. Air Force], but no one explained it to us,” a graduating senior involved in the founding of the Academy Oath Project said.

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As noted in the original War on the Rocks article that Daily Caller based their information on:

Through the Academy Oath Project, cadets learn that as members of the military profession, they are obligated to follow norms that are part of a professional ethos. This ethos includes the bedrock principles of non-partisanship and civilian control of the military. Cadets learn that when they took the oath for the first time, through every promotion and reenlistment, and even after their retirement or separation, they are members of the military profession with responsibilities to uphold those professional norms.

Like we say for many different issues, context matters. It’s one thing to know something, to have read it, and, depending on the topic, document or situation, it’s a can be a completely different thing to UNDERSTAND what you’ve just taken in.

The quicker, not just members of the military or an academy, gain a greater understanding about the meaning of one of the founding documents of this nation, there’s a decent probability that common sense, reason and logic will prevail over a blind devotion to the religion of wokeness.


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