Air Force Hosts Drag Show At Langley - With YOUR Money

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 1, 2022
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Sure, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says that men who pose as women are “patriots,” but might there be something out of place in the United States Air Force hosting a drag queen show at their legendary Langley base?

On a Sunday, no less.

Tim Pearce reports for Daily Wire:

“The U.S. military is hosting a drag show at a family-friendly festival at Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) at the end of July.

JBLE is hosting its first ever “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summer Festival” on July 30, featuring a series of performances and speeches, including a poem on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ and a drag show by Joshua Kelley, who performs under the moniker Harpy Daniels.”

Because, of course, everyone knows that drag queen culture is “family friendly.”

Whether it’s Pizza Hut promoting books that push the trans-drag pathology on kids, or Nancy Pelosi visiting drag queens on TV and telling the transvestites that their “drag is what America is all about,” there seems to be a more-than-accidental, more-than-coincidental push from within the pop culture and leftist political sphere to not just normalize drag dressing and transvestitism, but to sexualize young kids and normalize the concept of adult-to-child sexual intimacy, sexual confusion, pre-pubescent crossdressing, and family breakdown.

Perfect for a Sunday. And it really won’t cause any ruffled feathers when put on by a branch of the U.S. MILITARY.

Adds Pearce:

“The festival is advertised as a family-friendly event, including ‘bouncy houses and face painting for the children,’ according to an event description. The event, which will feature performances by several cultural groups, is billed under the theme ‘Celebrating Differences.’”

Which indicates that the concept of “uniformity” within the military only carries so far. Sure, the system is supposed to see enlistees conform to the rules dictated from on-high. Sure, the very word “uniform” applies all the way down to the clothes these military members wear and the haircuts they get, but on the upper layers of the military cake, where the brass look to further their careers, other pressures take precedence.

Those pressures being political.


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And so, writes Pearce:

“The festival was first proposed by the JBLE Breaking Barriers Alliance, a committee comprised of volunteer service members under the base’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. At least one top base official, Colonel Gregory Beaulieu, the installation commander, signed off on the event and approved the use of military resources, a JBLE spokesman told The Daily Wire.”

And this not only serves to teach us that wokeism has infiltrated the military – something we already knew – but that this vulnerability to political fashion and apologetic trend-servicing is endemic to all political systems, because they are all vulnerable to the Tragedy of the Commons.

In fact, they epitomize that economic truism.

As with public schools and libraries, public parks, and even roads, the Tragedy of the Commons dictates that anything that isn’t privately owned will see disagreement and dissent among and between the taxpayers forced to pay for it. Not all who pay to fund something can see it used the way they want, or to the degree that they want, yet they still are forced to pay.

Heck, transvestites pay taxes, and, even in those circles, there could be disagreement as to how the commons of the U.S. Air Force should or should not promote “inclusiveness”.

Similarly, one can guess that leftist so-called “feminists” – who sometimes cheer professional female striptease as a voluntary interaction conducted by a “strong, self-controlling” woman and a paying customer – might dislike it if the U.S. military went far beyond the scandalous old-style Bob Hope tradition of bringing attractive female singers or actresses with him on USO tours.

What if this base put on a show featuring half-naked, highly sex-styled women?

Perhaps then, a certain percentage of left-feminists would agree that the show was inappropriate, not for the same reasons a conservative might come to that conclusion, but they would reach the same conclusion none the less.

And the endless immorality of it will always lead to problems like this.

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