Al Gore Opens Climate Gathering By Pushing 'Carbon-Use' Surveillance Satellites

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 13, 2022
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Like some bizarre cross between an old time snake oil salesman and a globe-hungry James Bond baddie, former U.S. Vice President Al “Let’s Have The Government Label Music” Gore arrived at the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt with a wonderful technocratic gift in tow.

No, he didn’t come presenting heirloom editions of his utterly unbelievable, data-straining, and debunked “documentary,” “An Inconvenient Truth.” And, no, he didn’t hand out copies of the flick’s manipulative “graph” – the infamous, Michael Mann (himself of questionable reliability) “Hockey Stick” graph.

In fact, what Al brought to the other air-conditioned hypocrites in Egypt was a plan, a plan to have everyone on Earth surveilled by satellite, and their “carbon usage” tracked and, likely, taxed, using the non-profit wing of Google and its "TRACE" project which will use a satellite database to track "individual emitters" of carbon dioxide and other supposedly evil, planet-killing gases.

What’s that? Google’s “non-profit arm”? Would that be Google, the corporation that got startup help from the CIA’s “investment wing,” In-Q-Tel? Google, the mega-corporation that put MRCTV, CNS News and many other conservative, libertarian, government-skeptical, and anti-war websites on a blacklist to decrease their visibility in search results?

Yes. That Google.

And on their Climate TRACE website, Google and Al Gore’s new pal (sorry -- not just “pal,” he actually has a vested interest in TRACE, as the website’s “About” section admits), they tell avid avunculars:

“Until now, most emissions inventories have been based on self-reported, often years-late data that relied on rough estimates, opaque methods, and inaccessible reporting. Government officials, scientists, investors, executives, and activists need better data to support the creation of policies, programs, and campaigns aimed at limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C as agreed to under the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Which, beyond the fact that the U.S. government never agreed to that "agreement" as a treaty, actually begs this question: Even if one were to have accepted their unsupportable premise about man’s use of carbon-based petrochemicals ushering climate Armageddon, if TRACE now admits that previous Cultist claims of climate apocalypse were unreliable and lacked supportive data to serve even their purposes, how can they claim that their argument, to this day, is valid?

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Shhh…move along.

Paying attention to those kinds of questions ruins the fun of Technocracy, the warmed-over and relabeled Platonic idea that a Guardian set, blessed with perfect knowledge, should rule over everyone else (read: World Economic Forum, UN, CFR/NATO, Washington, The EU, Bank for International Settlement). In the Technocratic ripple of Plato’s “Noble Lie,” those who control technology should control the world, creating a political authoritarianism that mimics Medieval feudalism.

As the frightened adults used to tell Twilight Zone’s “The Boy with The Power,” when he would exercise his childish maniacal omnipotence over them, “It’s a good thing – a darn good thing.”

SO good, in fact, that the childish controllers of the currency we’re forced to use – that being the Federal Reserve Note, forced on us by the U.S. government and the Fed – just “partnered” with six of the biggest US banks (recipients of Fed financial affection as well as federal bailouts) to work Gore’s plan from the other end, and create an arbitrary list of “climate sins” and “Environmental-Social-Governance” (ESG) standards as well as an arbitrary schedule of the “costs” (again, completely made-up, by them) they will say you imposed on others, merely for trying to live your life.

And you dare not question your betters. Because they’ll be watching.

“That’s where Climate TRACE comes in. We’re harnessing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze over 59 trillion bytes of data from more than 300 satellites, more than 11,100 sensors, and numerous additional sources of emissions information from all over the world. The result is a groundbreaking approach to emissions monitoring… One that is independent, transparent, and timely.”

Well, that word “transparent” isn’t exactly right.

See, YOUR activities will be transparent to the government and international technocratic police, who, if they can get their “ESG” governance in place, will make you their serf. Banks, crony corporations, and governments will penalize you with higher interest rates, prohibit loans, restrict your purchases (of everything from power to property), and, should the government institute an electronic currency, literally see your digital central bank “money” extracted if you transgress the rules of their feudal system.

Al Gore certainly seems like the perfect stuffed shirt to bring this facet of the global order to the busybodies at COP 27. He’ll fit right in with the delivery of King Charles the Third’s “Terra Carta” – a perverse, royally-inspired claim to flip the old Magna Carta statement of human rights and replace it with an “Earth” statement of rights (written, of course by MEN, so enjoy the circular logic on that one while they continue to build their Climate Tower of Babel). He'll fit right in with elitists pushing for "Climate Reparations," (i.e. wealth redistribution from you, to whomever they like.)

And what happens if you don’t comply? Or if a lot of people don’t comply? Or if, say, a nation-state is lead by a government that won’t comply?

Well, likely, the World Climate Police – who will be watching if Gore gets his way – will attenuate their actions based on the chances that you will be able to fight back. Big countries, like, say, India, or China, likely will be given caveats and outs as long as the Climate Cult gets some cash from them and their developing economies.

For the rest of us, that might depend on how much we resist.

Meanwhile, they intend to treat us like the protagonist in the British television series, “The Prisoner.” Kidnapped from London and thrown on an island of prisoners like him, stripped of his name and given the appellation, “Number Six,” our hero never gave up fighting for his individual liberty. As the technocrats of “The Village” tried to break him and make him accept his rulers, he fought, regardless of whether he might die in the fight.

And all the while, they watched, monitored, and surveilled him, repeatedly saying, “Be Seeing You,” each time one of their agents encountered him.

One wonders if Al Gore got some of his ideas from that.

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