Alabama and Georgia Abortion Clinics Take an 'L': Abortions Canceled!

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 29, 2022
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Planned Parenthood just canceled abortions in Alabama and Georgia and baby killers are NOT happy. 

The pro-abortion site Jezebel, which unironically means “morally unrestrained,” reported the news in a sorrowful lament — sorrowful for abortionists, at least. Planned Parenthood “canceled people’s appointments without warning” because of “staffing issues.” 

Planned Parenthood currently has three abortion facilities in Georgia and two in Alabama. pointed out that these facilities aborted 5,893 babies last year, according to their 2020-2021 Southeast annual report. How unfortunate it must be that 5,893 babies get to live this year. What a tragedy. 

Planned Parenthood is hopeful that they’ll get back to their regularly scheduled baby murders in the two southern states soon. A spokesperson told Jezebel that “This is a temporary change.” 

Dude, these people are sick. They’re literally complaining that there’s not enough murderers available to kill babies. 

Robin Marty, director of operations at an independent Tuscaloosa abortion clinic told Jezebel that they are “trying to cope" - trying to cope with the fact that babies “have” to live. Marty’s clinic has picked up some of the Planned Parenthood cancelations, leaving the staff “exhausted.” It must be tiresome killing dozens of innocent lives everyday. 

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Marty claimed, “This discontinuation of abortion services has definitely impacted our own staff — who have already been working extra hours to meet the influx of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas patients — and are now adding these patients who have had their previously booked Planned Parenthood appointments canceled on them."

"They are anxious," Marty added when speaking of the clinic staff's fatigue. "But they also remain completely committed to our mission: making sure every person can obtain a legal abortion for as long as the courts allow.”

Cry more lib! How screwed does one have to be in their beliefs that makes them completely committed to a mission of murder? 

Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky are making abortion less accessible. Praise the Lord! Abortion is an evil that should be abolished. Murder is never the answer to an inconvenient or unexpected pregnancy but the brainwashed pro-abortionists are too hypnotized to believe that. 

This June the Supreme Court will hopefully abolish the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which ideally will stop the serial slaughter of the unborn. With this ruling, Planned Parenthood will have to shift from canceling appointments to canceling itself.