Alabama Election Official Indicted For Ballot-Stuffing For Democrats In the Midterms

Brittany M. Hughes | January 13, 2023
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A top county election official has been indicted in Alabama on charges of voter fraud and ballot-stuffing for Democrats during the midterm elections.

Albert Turner Jr., the outgoing chairman of the Perry County Commission, has been hit with both felony and misdemeanor charges after Alabama’s secretary of state and Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Jackson said he knowingly voted multiple times in the state's primary elections last spring. Turner has also been accused of illegal ballot harvesting during the November general election after allegedly filled out other people's absentee ballots and dropped them off at a polling station.

Turner has denied those accusations, calling them a "bogus" political hit-job.

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Of course, the natural question following a charge of voter fraud is, just how big of an effect did it have on the outcome of the election? Unfortunately, as is often the case, we may never know. The Hill reports that "Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) declined at a press conference to weigh in on how big an impact Turner’s actions may have had on Alabama’s primary and general election results."

Which only underscores why conservatives have demanded stronger voting integrity laws that ensure only people with a legal right to cast a ballot can do so, and that they only do it once.

There appears to be a reason liberals disagree.