Alec Baldwin: Trump Impersonation Makes Me ‘Hope a Meteor Hits This Building And Kills Me’

Monica Sanchez | September 6, 2019
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Actor and avid Trump hater Alec Baldwin in an interview published Friday reassured “Saturday Night Live” viewers -- and the rest of anyone who actually cares -- that he has no intention of bringing back his impersonation of the President.

Baldwin earlier this summer had debated playing the role again but ultimately his hatred for Trump decided things for him – at least, for now.

During his interview with Deadline, he said that he simply does not “want to do it anymore.”

“I don’t think it’s doing anything. It’s not doing anything good or bad for him,” Baldwin explained, adding that he believes President Trump “likes any attention he gets.”

He went even further, saying that playing Trump makes him “hope a meteor hits this building and it kills me.”

The dramatics.

Whether Baldwin will make a return to the role in the future, however, is still up in the air, despite his loathing.

Deadline reports, “Still, Baldwin doesn’t offer a flat-out ‘no’ to returning for another go-round this season, citing his friendships (‘like a family’) with the SNL folks, and fans still approaching him to express their love of the impersonation. ‘They’re like, keep going. They need this to manage their pain.’”


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