Allen West, Brent Bozell to Headline MRC's 2017 Conservative Caribbean Cruise

mrctvstaff | June 2, 2016
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The Media Research Center is gearing up to host a week-long Caribbean Cruise featuring prominent conservatives, scheduled to set sail in February of 2017.

The cruise will dock in Jamaica, Mexico, Georgetown, and other picturesque locations where passengers are free to embark and explore.

The cruise will showcase esteemed guest speakers such as Fox News commentator and former U.S. Congressman Allen West, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, and Parents Television Council Pres. Tim Winter, as well as Media Research Center President Brent Bozell.

But, this cruise is not just an average cruise. The MRC experience will include moderated in-depth panel sessions on the media and its role in American culture and politics, featuring over a dozen compelling guest speakers and plenty of Q&A sessions for attendees to get plugged in. Participants will also get the chance to rub shoulders with the speakers over dinner, or during the many planned social events aboard the ship.

The Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship is fully equipped with everything to be expected from a luxury cruise liner, offering a range of award-winning cuisine and the opportunity to dine with icons from the conservative movement.

If interested in joining Brent Bozell and other prominent conservatives on the MRC cruise, visit the event website to register, where you’ll find the more information on the event’s full itinerary and cruise accommodations.