American Citizen Leading Haitian Caravan to U.S.: 'We are Ready for War'

Nick Kangadis | October 7, 2021
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It might seem crazy — then again, it might not — that an American citizen is leading another Haitian caravan towards the United States after reportedly crossing into southern Mexico very recently.

American citizen Irineo Mujica is working with the nonprofit Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or "People Without Borders," in leading a sizable caravan of Haitian migrants towards the goal of reaching the U.S. 

According to The Daily Wire, Mujica issued a veiled threat in a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday supposedly toward the Mexican National Guard, who had a confrontation with “Haitian migrants-turned-protesters last month.”

“We are leaving in 20 days,” Mujica said in Spanish in the video. “We prefer to march with papers. […] And this time, with papers or without papers, we are ready for war. If the National Guard comes and they are cowardly enough to beat women and children, let them prepare because God’s hand is with us.”

Pay attention to that one very inciting statement, “…we are ready for war.”

But, wait. I thought the Haitian migrants were leaving where they were coming from because of unrest, violence and destitution? If you’re willing to wage “war” with the people you’re seeking help from, then maybe — just maybe — you might’ve been the problem in the first place.

Concerning the influx of Haitians already close to being at the U.S. southern border, The Daily Wire reported:

News of another migrant caravan come closely on the heels of a report that 60,000 Haitian migrants are making their way through Central American and could arrive at the U.S. border as early as this week, sending Texas authorities scrambling.

Hey, maybe immigration-ignorant President Joe Biden and his “border czar” Vice President Kamala Harris will finally do something — or at least acknowledge — the crisis at the U.S. southern border.

But, don’t hold your breath on that, because you’ll probably pass out from waiting.