Anti-Grooming Dad Beaten Bloody By Trans 'Woman' - Then Police Blame HIM

Brittany M. Hughes | April 2, 2023
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A lone dissenter against the radical trans agenda was assaulted and bloodied at a rally Friday but a transgender activist in a shocking attack caught clearly on camera.

“Billboard Chris,” an father-of-two-turned-activist known for counter-protesting at LGBTQ events across Canada in defense of protecting children against chemical castration and mutilating “transition” procedures, was in Vancouver sporting his signature sign that read, “Children cannot consent to castration.” While speaking to a reporter about his views, a biological man dressed as a woman approached Chris and began shouting “F*** you” inches from his face.

That protester was soon joined by another, and the pair began to crowd Chris and press against him, screaming obscenities.

Seconds later, as Chris raised a hand to defend his personal space, the man grabbed his throat and started throwing punches.

Here was the scene - and full disclosure, it contains quite a bit of language. 

Another angle shows the same assault, which Chris said happened "in the presence of dozens of police who do nothing."

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Chris then filmed himself explaining the assault to a police officer who responded to the scene, who laughed and suggested perhaps he had cut his own nose before claiming that he had instigated the attack by screaming at his assailant - which video shows clearly never happened.