Anti-Gun Group Runs a Seriously Disturbing New Ad

danjoseph | April 12, 2016
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The Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence has a new ad out, and it's incredibly disturbing.

In the new ad, a girl portraying Alice from the beloved childhood fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" comes across a handgun and shoots herself in the face. An actor dressed in a white rabbit costume looks on in horror for added effect.

As the young girl shoots herself and creepy music plays, a narrator is heard saying, “Over one-third of all American households have a gun. Ask your neighbor: Is there a gun where they play? Asking saves kids.” 

It's bad enough that the anti-gun crowd is attempting to mislead Americans into thinking that young children coming across their parents' firearms and killing themselves is common place. It's not. But think about how a young child would respond when they see one of their favorite children's book characters kill themselves on national television. 

Perhaps the people at the Brady Campaign should put a little more thought into their grisly advertising strategy. 

Hat Tip: Red State