Anti-RNC Speakers Blame Zionism for AIDS, Syphilis, War

Elliot Polsky | July 20, 2016
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Outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday, a representative for the Black Lawyers for Justice introduced Stephen X “from Canada” to speak about black empowerment. Stephen and the subsequent speaker made some interesting claims about the history of the Jews and White people.

According to Stephen X, “The biggest enemy we have is global white supremacy.” White supremacy and “Police terrorism,” he explained, are nothing new. For “6,000 years,” “Euro-Americans” have been killing Africans.

Consequently, “There should not be a reactive position every time the police kill us every 28 hours.”

Instead of being reactionary, Stephen advocates fighting “Zionism, imperialism, and American capitalism.” After all, “Zionism is a manifestation of global white supremacy,” which is “directly responsible for why we [presumably, black people] can’t build a united front.”

The next speaker—who was unnamed—took the anti-Zionist message even further. “Our people perish from lack of knowledge,” he began. In light of this fact, he wanted to give a “quick history lesson about Babylon.”

“This system,” he said, “has [indiscernible] war against every race of people that it has come into contact with.” He never clarified which “system” he was referring to, but from the context it is safe to assume he means the Euro-Americans on Stephen’s speech.

“These people have been raining down nothing but fear, and evil, and violence on us ever since they came into contact with us.” If Stephen’s speech was accurate, that’s about 6,000 years of raining down evil. Hence, “These people are evil. Call them by their name.”

The second speaker went on to give particular examples of the evils inflicted by “these people”:

“They have raped us. They have created AIDS and HIV. They have created syphilis. They have created mass incarceration. They have put drugs into our communities,” he declared.

He ended by saying, “The black man is not the problem. We don’t have time. Unify or die. Rastafari.”

Anti-Semitism wasn’t out of character for the RNC protests. A frequent chant at the “Shut Down Trump and the RNC” march on Monday was, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” One sign at the kick-off for that march read, “RESISTANCE IS JUSTIFIED from Baltimore to Gaza.”

The footage of the speakers was captured on YouTube.