‘Antifa’ Video Game Looks as Abysmal as Its Politics

Alex Hall | November 30, 2019
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Vice wrote a glowing review of a video game where players control a molotov-cocktail-throwing activist rebelling against a parody of Trump.

Were you looking for the video game equivalent of the Krassenstein brothers cringeworthy book titled “How the People Trumped Ronald Plump?”

Good news. The far left has made a new game just for you!

Vice suggested that the game was intended to be “a friendly introduction to antifascism for gamers who might otherwise only know the movement from sensational media coverage.”

Sensational like how CNN anchor Chris Cuomo appeared to defend Antifa? Or sensational like the Antifa-related activist group that doxed Tucker Carlson? How about the alleged Antifa protesters who reportedly bullied senior citizens for being Trump supporters, or those who reportedly left Americans bloodied?

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