AOC Accuses the Trump Administration of 'Trafficking' Migrant Children At the Border

Brittany M. Hughes | May 24, 2019
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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a break from making absurd claims about tornadoes Thursday to accuse the Trump administration of “stealing” and “trafficking” migrant children at the border. 

In a re-tweet of Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood’s claim that Trump’s border policies have “harmed the physical and mental health of migrant children,” AOC commented, “Yesterday, GOP moved to silence Lauren Underwood’s words bc she had the audacity to say the obvious: that stealing children away from their parents, trafficking, & caging them w/o end is intended to do harm.”

Of course, she didn’t provide a single scrap of evidence that federal government officials are trafficking children – likely because there is none. In fact, the administration has long explained that, just like previous administrations including Obama’s, any family separation occurring at the border is in a distinct effort to avoid child trafficking.

In fact, if AOC is so concerned about child trafficking at the border, perhaps she should take a look at how open-border policies are actually encouraging migrants to “borrow” or even kidnap children to use as tickets into the United States. 

As MRCTV recently reported, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month that border agents have already identified 3,500 cases of illegal alien “families” apprehended after coming across the U.S. border since October 1, only to discover they weren’t actually families at all.

Just a week later, border agents reported catching a 51-year-old illegal alien man at the border toting a 6-month-old child, only to find out the baby wasn’t his – in fact, the two weren’t even related at all.

Similarly, late last year, health officials at a Texas hospital discovered an underage migrant girl who’d come across the border with her “father” wasn’t the man’s daughter, but was actually his sex slave. The girl had been handed over to her rapist by her own mother in the hopes that she’d be allowed into the United States and find a job.