AOC Gets Absolutely NUKED by Protesters for Becoming Part of the 'Establishment,' Funding 'Nuclear War'

Nick Kangadis | October 13, 2022
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When you think self-righteous, self-important, vain and inept — among other adjectives — one person that comes directly to mind is none other than social media influencer and occasional congresswoman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

In possibly one of the greatest interactions of all-time, two men — possibly activists — absolutely owned AOC at a townhall event for becoming the “very thing [she] sought to fight against,” an establishment warhawk.

The reason the men were particularly upset with AOC was because she supposedly keeps going along with the establishment uni-party in Congress, continually funding Ukraine and escalating nuclear tensions between Russia, China and the rest of the world.

“There will be no neighbors if there’s a nuclear bomb,” Jose Vega, the man who published the clip to Twitter said to AOC in the video. “You voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis.”

Vega is most likely referring to the infamous Azov Regiment, formerly the Azov Battalion, who allegedly espouse neo-Nazi views.

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Throughout the video, the prospect of nuclear war remains the focal point for Vega and another man who spoke up to AOC, only referred to as the Twitter handle @Noggatone as of this writing.

Vega even goes so far as to request that AOC denounce the Democratic Party after he and the other man brought up the fact that former congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard left the the Party because of the escalation overseas.

“And you are the reason why everybody will end up in a nuclear war unless you choose to stand up right now and denounce the Democratic Party,” Vega said.


There are many members of both the House and the Senate who could use a good, coherent and well-stated heckling to put them in their places — too many to state here. But, AOC is definitely one of them for no other reason than her self-righteous, victimhood preaching is so pretentious that it justifies the confrontation like the one seen here.


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