The AP Advises Reporters Not To Use Words Like 'Border Surge' That 'Portray Migrants as a Negative'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 18, 2021
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In just the latest example of the liberal media twisting the truth to suit their narrative, the Associated Press has instructed its reporters not to use the phrase “border surge” when talking about the unmanageable and historic influx of illegal aliens that has been flowing across the Southwest U.S. border since President Joe Biden’s January inauguration.

Per the Washington Free Beacon, “the AP recommends journalists no longer use such descriptions to avoid offense and maintain supposed ‘neutrality.’”

The Free Beacon also notes the AP told news outlets back in March to "avoid imagery conjuring war or natural disaster, which could portray migrants as a negative, harmful influence. Avoid emotive words like onslaught, tidal wave, flood, inundation, surge, invasion, army, march, sneak, and stealth."

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, however, still uses the word "surge" in weekly meetings to discuss the unprecedented crisis agents are now facing along the border, proving that while reporters might be attempting to soften their language to help protect a Democrat administration and the countless illegal aliens it's importing through its policies, such changes don't suddenly make the problem - and its ramifications on the American public - disappear.

The change comes as the Biden administration faces increasing condemnation from both the right and the left for its open-borders policies that have created a crisis at the border. The administration is now spending upwards of $60 million per week to house thousands of illegal alien children who’ve entered the country unlawfully in recent months – and that doesn’t count the tens of thousands of family units and single adults streaming in daily. The record numbers of illegal migrants have left border agents overwhelmed, detention centers overflowing, and the courts backed up from an unmanageable caseload of asylum-seekers. 

More than 1 million illegal aliens are expected to be apprehended crossing the Southwest U.S. border this year alone, with immigration officials estimating another 1,000-2,000 cross each day unpursued while border agents are preoccupied dealing with children and families.

Amid the crisis, which the administration still refuses to label as such, the Biden administration issued a memo earlier this year instructing agencies like U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement from publicly using “non-inclusive” terms like “Illegal alien” and “illegal alien children” to describe migrants crossing the border unlawfully, suggesting that instead, they use phrases like “undocumented non-citizen” to appear more sensitive and avoid offending unapologetic lawbreakers.