AP: Judge Bars Trump From ‘Disseminating Evidence’ About His Accusers

Craig Bannister | May 23, 2023
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Donald Trump is barred from using evidence turned over by prosecutors to disparage his accusers in his court case regarding business records, Judge Juan Manuel Merchan told the former president on Tuesday.

“The judge in Donald Trump’s criminal case is holding a hybrid hearing Tuesday to make doubly sure the former president is aware of new rules barring him from using evidence to attack witnesses,” the Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday.

Trump would risk being held in contempt if he “uses evidence turned over by prosecutors in the pretrial discovery process to target witnesses or others involved in the case,” according to the AP.

Specifically, Judge Merchan has prohibited Trump and his lawyers from “disseminating evidence to third parties or posting it to social media,” the article notes.

Some of the evidence will even be kept from Trump, but available to his lawyers.