'Apartheid Baby,' 'White Supremacist!': Leftist Twitter Melts Down After Musk Buys the Platform

Brittany M. Hughes | April 26, 2022
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After it was finally announced Monday that billionaire and free speech advocate Elon Musk would, in fact, be purchasing Twitter to the tune of about $44 billion, leftists on the social media site, who were largely used to being able to spew their propaganda while silencing conservative dissent, immediately began melting down in a giant temper tantrum reminiscent of the 2016 presidential election.

Timmy here called Musk an "apartheid baby" before threatening to kill right-wing "Nazis" for being allowed to say things without being censored (though he later deleted that last part).


Over on CNN, Brian Stelter lamented that people would soon be able to attend the Twitter "party" without rules for what they can or cannot say.

In a hilarious twist, MSNBC fretted that Musk's ownership of Twitter would allow him to artificially alter the reach of certain posts to influence elections (because only liberals are allowed to do that).

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean vowed to be off Twitter "within several hours" of Musk taking over the site.

Kathy Griffin, who once took a picture of herself holding a bloody severed Trump head, freaked out about the "damage" that a "white supremacist" like Musk could do to the country.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who didn't have a problem with billionaire Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post, said it's "dangerous for our democracy" to let billionaires own big tech platforms.

And shortly after tweeting that Musk only bought Twitter to allow "white power" to run unchecked, activist Shaun King appeared to delete his entire 1-million-follower account.


While the left loses their collective two-thirds of a mind over the news, Musk has promised to open Twitter back up to free speech, make the site's algorithm open-source, get rid of the bots that spam up people's feeds, and verify all human users.

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