Arrivederci! Climate Activists Dragged Off Busy Italian Motorway by Angry Drivers

Nick Kangadis | June 21, 2022
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Besides ruining your day, what are climate control extremists good for? They claim to want to improve the health of the planet, but one of their most used tactics is to block traffic, whether on city streets or highways, and make vehicles sit there idling and causing a bigger “carbon footprint.”

Motorists in Rome, Italy had to deal with human boils masquerading as climate control activists late last week, and they dealt with them in the most polite way possible.

Some drivers got out of their vehicles, snatched the banner being used and literally dragged the activists to the side of the road so that cars could get through and proceed to their destinations. The activists kept moving back into the middle of the busy road only to be moved again and again.

According to Sky News Australia:

Footage shows activists from the Last Generation group, which is supported by Extinction Rebellion, lined across the Raccordo motorway, one of the city’s busiest ring-roads.

Protesters holding banners and dressed in hi-vis ignored the sound of car horns blaring as they formed a roadblock, causing traffic to backup for hundreds of metres.

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Video of the scene shows the altercations mentioned above.

One of the worst ways to get people on your “side” of whatever political or societal argument is to impede their movement in any way. Those kinds of tactics only tick off the people you’re impacting and make them less sympathetic to your “cause.”

H/T: RedState


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