Backlash Against Bad Actors! NFL, Browns Vilified Over Watson Punishment 

Jay Maxson | August 19, 2022
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Reviews are in for the latest episode of really bad NFL theater, and they are not pretty. On Thursday, the sordid saga of Deshaun Watson took a new twist as the NFL and its players union agreed to fine and suspend the Cleveland serial massage therapist abuser. Instead of closing the curtain on a sorry chapter, the Browns and Watson only prolonged the drama by inciting public outcry. 

Watson received an 11-game suspension and $5 million fine. The NFL and the Browns will each pay $1 million to “relevant nonprofit organizations that work to minimize and prevent sexual misconduct and assault.” Watson’s suspension runs from Aug. 30 to Nov. 28. He’ll be eligible to play Dec. 4 against his former team, the Houston Texans. 

Robert Griffin III, a former pro quarterback, blasted the NFL, which “had an opportunity to show it had learned from its ugly history on standing up for Women with this Deshaun Watson case and IT FAILED. 11 games and a 5 million dollar fine doesn’t fit what he was accused of doing and found to have done by Judge Sue L. Robinson. Sickening.” 

Liam McKeone, who writes for The Big Lead, ripped Watson and the Browns.  

Watson, the king of denial, “went in front of reporters and immediately reminded everybody he feels zero remorse about what happened, going as far to say that he only apologized for the people that were ‘triggered’ and not because he felt like he did anything wrong,” McKeone wrote. 

Watson isn’t capable of grasping the reality of his own villainy. He thanked the Browns for their support and said he’s sorry “for any pain this situation has caused.” And now he’s off to live his best life and “become the best version of myself on and off the field.” 

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Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam also threw gasoline on the fire by confirming that the Browns are the new home for NFL creeps and thugs. In addition to trading for Watson, they previously acquired Kareem Hunt, released by Kansas City for kicking a woman. McKeone blasted away at Haslam: 

Haslam told the reporters in attendance that it's important to remember Watson is only 26 years-old. And a hell of a quarterback. Which is the only thing that matters to Haslam, apparently. 

“Everyone involved already looked terrible here. Haslam made it all the worse by deciding to try and defend his quarterback and his team's actions.

Tony Buzbee, an attorney who represented many of the women who accused Watson of Neanderthal behavior, tore into the NFL commissioner.: 

“By settling this matter the way he has. Roger Goodell has proven one of two things: either his recent rhetoric was utter baloney, or his bark is much worse than his bite. My belief is that he is nothing more than a paper tiger. The message today to all victims is clear, if you believe you have been sexually assaulted by a powerful person, keep your mouth shut and go away. The NFL has certainly demonstrated that its ownership and the organization don’t care.  

“To all sexual assault survivors, do not allow this recent ‘punishment’ to deter you. Keep speaking up and speaking out. Your voice matters. You are making a difference. We stand with you.” 

Stay tuned for more really bad NFL theater in December when Watson returns to the field.