Bad Bread: Left Tries to Boycott Martin’s Famous Over CEO’s Politics

Wallace White | June 13, 2022
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Can you have bread and circuses without the bread? A group of rabid lefties want to find out.  James Martin, CEO of Martin’s, whose potato rolls are very popular in both supermarkets and restaurants, supports a conservative candidate for Pennsylvania governor. So, according to The Washington Post on June 12, Martin’s must be destroyed. 

Apparently Martin, his wife, and his daughter donated money to GOP Gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. Mastriano is a Pennsylvania state senator, a retired army colonel, and a Trump supporter. 

The most notable person to boycott was author and chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, known for not only having a large YouTube following and public presence but for banning MAGA hat-wearing customers from his restaurant, San Mateo Eatery, in 2019, saying the MAGA hat was “Same as if you come in wearing a swastika, white hood, or any other symbol of intolerance and hate." (How does he feel about Che Guevara tee shirts?) Certainly, the type to get his panties in a bunch over some conservative bread rolls. 

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Lopez-Alt said on his Instagram, “I will not be buying any more Martin’s products, nor will I support any establishment that uses their buns until they change suppliers, and I’d urge you to do the same if you don’t want your dollars supporting this stuff.” 

Martin’s clarified that it does not make political contributions as a company, but “we encourage and celebrate the opportunity we all have to vote and share in the election process.” It’s a reasonable position to let people make their own decisions on politics and not endorse anyone as a company. Of course, the left cannot comprehend this distinction between individual and group, as evidenced by their obsessions with group identities like race and sex. 

Wash Po reached out to many chefs and notable people that are supplied by Martin’s. Many did not respond. The article, in the end, outlines why boycotts are rarely effective. One anonymous chef who commented simply said, “I don’t know how to make a good potato bun like that.” 

Who cares if an executive of a company is a Trump supporter? Knee-jerk reactions from liberals are common when they get into their element of faux-moral indignation. How about liberals simply stow their pride, and not worry about the political affiliation of everyone under the sun? It’s not the end of the world if your burger has a bun tangentially “from a conservative.” Just wait till they find out where they get their energy from and who they lobby. Maybe Lopez-alt should go primitive so as to better serve the lefty cause.