Like Bad Parents, Government Shouldn’t Enable Bad Behavior

Jessica Kramer | February 27, 2022
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Our government doesn’t care about us. A morally neutral government, which doesn’t exist, thinks that their only moral obligation towards their citizenry is to mask their citizens problems and lessen the severity of the natural consequences which would deter them and others from such destructive choices.

Take the Biden administration’s approach to harm reduction.

Part of the insanity of it is that it’s focus is on “equity” of all things. In a briefing paper published in 2019, it said “Needle and syringe programs are often perceived to be focused on people who inject opioids, which can be less inclusive for people who inject stimulants from attending.” It went on to say, “Wheel filters have a greater capacity for removing bacteria and adulterants, and are particularly valuable to people using home-baked methamphetamine. However, they are prohibitively expensive for people to purchase privately.” One would think a government willing to spend $30 million dollars on this grant program to make drug use safer for the addicted would rather just spend the money on drug treatment for the addicted.

Does it sound wise to give drug users smoking kits (which may or may not at one point have included crack pipes that some cities have previously provided)? Does it sound likely they will responsibly use the alcohol wipes and lip balm? Does it sound like a good idea to pass out drug paraphernalia like syringes and condoms under the guise that you’re stopping the spread of further disease among the addicted while you enable the diseased to remain addicted?

Does it sound wise to provide safe injection sites otherwise known as “non-judgmental environments” to drug users only to further enable them to abuse drugs? Instead of treating the addiction, we reduce the risk of the addiction.

It reminds me of those parents in high school who would break the law and be present for their teenager’s underage drinking parties, assuming that by watching children consume alcohol, they would somehow be “safer.”

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