Bad Theology, Dumb Stunt: Dem Lieu Misrepresents Christianity and LGBT

Wallace White | June 9, 2022
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If you get your theology from leftwing politicians, you’re doing it wrong. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu took the opportunity to display his blatant ignorance of Christianity in a speech on the house floor on June 8. 

His speech was targeting the recent measures by Republicans to curtail LGBT influence on children and protect them from indoctrination. Predictably, the left has not taken these efforts well. Some have disparaged traditional Christianity or subverted it with their own theological claims about Jesus. Most of these claims attempt to boil down Jesus Christ into a bronze-age hippie who preached vague notions peace and love for everyone. 

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Ted Lieu’s take is no different, but he attempts to hide it under an appeal to scripture, saying “I just thought I would recite for you what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality.” He was then silent for a moment before yielding the floor. He is obviously attempting to claim for political point-scoring that Jesus, and by extension Christianity, does not forbid homosexual behavior.

This is false. This is a blatant lie by omission on the part of Lieu. In short, the Bible, understood by Christians, is the Word of God. Jesus is God by virtue of the holy trinity which the vast majority of Christians believe in. Therefore, as the Word of God, the Bible itself mentions homosexuality many times in a way to paint its sinful nature. Lieu is misrepresenting Christianity because of his obvious ignorance of God and His teaching. 

Of course, it’s what you’d expect from the party that booed God.