Bah Humbug! Canadian Politician Wants His City to Have More 'Diversity,' Less Christmas

Nick Kangadis | December 11, 2018
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The late comedian and actor Robin Williams put it best when it comes to Canada, “Canada is like a loft apartment above a really great party.” While polite and apologetic, Canada’s socialism and secularism shows up almost daily thanks to the politicians.

Here’s just another example of Canada’s politicians ruining fun and joy for the people yet again.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada councillor Ben Isitt is trying to kill the Christmas spirit in a town that might as well be a prominent city on the U.S.’ left coast.

According to the Vancouver Sun:

Victoria shouldn’t be decking public property with boughs of holly, lighting up Christmas trees or handing out poinsettias, says Coun. Ben Isitt, who has won council support for a review of the city’s seasonal decorations.

Councillors agreed to have staff to report back on options for further secularizing or increasing the diversity of cultural elements in seasonal decorations.

How can you secularize and still be diverse? Essentially, by secularizing Isitt is saying he doesn’t want any decorations during the holiday season.

“I don’t want a poinsettia. It is a symbol of the Christian faith,” Isitt said after receiving a poinsettia as a gift.

Are there no Christians in Victoria? Wouldn’t a comment like the one Isitt make him seem less tolerant of Christians? I guess “tolerance” only works when it denigrates a group of people you’re trying to discount.

“Muslims, unless they are mixed families, they don’t have Christmas trees in their homes. Jewish people, like me, don’t have Christmas trees in their homes,” Isitt said.

Ahh, okay. I get it now. It’s about forced diversity and artificial tolerance, not actual diversity and tolerance.

“I think there are still many elements of Christian symbolism that are paid for with taxpayer dollars and, for me, that doesn’t reflect a clear division between church and state,” Isitt also uttered.

I love how these people always use the “separation of church and state” excuse to denigrate what should be a happy and fun time of the year. You don’t have to be Christian to enjoy all that the Christmas season brings. Sure being Christian adds to the validity of a person who celebrates the holiday, but I have friends who aren’t religious in the least that celebrate Christmas because it’s a time of the year where most people are a little kinder and a little more giving of themselves to others.

Maybe Isitt should consider that the next time he wants to virtue signal all over the place.

Isitt should also keep in mind that, despite it’s numbers falling in recent years, Christians make up the “biggest single religion” in British Columbia. Although, the amount of people who say they have “no religion” equals the amount of Christians in the region.

The Vancouver Sun reported the following in 2017:

Only 41 per cent of Metro residents are Christian, compared to a national average of 67 per cent. B.C. has the fewest Christians on average of any province or territory[…]

Even though Christians as a whole continue to make up by far the biggest single religion in the region, there is an equally large group in B.C. and Metro Vancouver who express no religious affiliation.

More than 41 per cent of Metro Vancouver residents, or 945,000 people, told Statistics Canada they have no religion.

But, everything about who Isitt is becomes clearer when you see that he spoke at an event in 2017 to fondly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The event was hosted by the Young Communist League. Isitt classifies himself as a Democratic Socialist.

Isitt seems to be all about tolerance - unless it concerns Christians. Forget them!

I nominate Isitt for this year's "Grinch" award. No fun is to be had while politicians try to force diversity.