Bayless Rips LeBron For Not Accepting Responsibility For Failures

John Simmons | April 11, 2022
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Skip Bayless is a known LeBron-James hater, but the co-host of Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED might have just leveled his best-ziger against the self-absorbed NBA star.

Citing the recent dialogue James started on his show "The Shop" about the potential of teaming up with Steph Curry in the future, Bayless called LeBron a "master media manipulator" for using this sound byte as away to take the media's focus off the fact that he failed to make the playoffs despite having a star-studded roster.

While some may take this as Bayless just trying to create a spicy sound bite for his show, he really is onto something.

Whenever anything goes right for James, he takes as much credit for himself as possible, and deflects all the blame when things go wrong. Whether it was glorifying himself - and primarily himself - after Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, or walking off the court during multiple losses this year before the end of the game, LeBron does spin every narrative surrounding him to suit his ego and benefits.

James' legend status in the NBA is crumbling, and everyone knows it.