Beach Boys Singer Surfs Whacked Wave Of Woke Anger

Emma Campbell | July 10, 2023
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Mike Love, lead vocalist for the Beach Boys, joked that he was afraid to perform the band’s hit song “Surfer Girl” at a recent concert, due to the song being gender specific.


In a video that went viral on social media over the weekend, Love introduced the song to the audience with a comical twist, suggesting that the band might face backlash since it is gender specific. He also took a jab at Budweiser, alluding to their recent controversy from using trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson for the Bud Light brand.

“This next song, I’m a little concerned about doing on account of its gender specific. I hope that there’s nobody from Budweiser here…or the FBI,” Love said, receiving laughs from the audience.

He went on to joke that his attitude and sarcasm were “a family tradition” and dedicated the song to “all the ladies” in the audience. Once the clip was posted to social media, many weighed in with their opinions on Love’s particular brand of humor.

“Good for #MikeLove who is clearly kidding here— but the threat of ruinous bullying is very real for Americans who refuse to bend the knee to today’s gender mafia,” Mark Davis, a radio host and political commentator, posted on Twitter.

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"Gosh people are mad over a joke. I pointed out weeks ago on a BBs message board that perhaps the joke should be retired, but that’s what it is — a joke,” Twitter user Nate Ruvin posted.

“Can’t he just quit already. Every time he performs he further degrades the musical legacy of the Beach Boys,” another Twitter user said of the video.

Love made a similar joke that received backlash in 2021, saying he didn’t think the band “would even be allowed to record (the song) in this day and age” and that they had considered changing its name to “Surfer Them.”


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