Arizona to Make a Decision on Whether or Not Illegal Immigration is a State Crime

Beatriz Madan | June 7, 2024
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Arizonans will have the opportunity to vote on a Republican bill that would make illegal immigration a state crime after our inactive federal government has left the borders weaker than ever.

Essentially, this “Secure the Border Act” would allow law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants if they entered the state, make using false documents to apply for benefits a class 6 felony, and impose strict prison sentences for selling fentanyl that causes someone's death.

Arizona is hoping to follow the lead of several other states, including Texas and Oklahoma, who have already enforced similar laws and have been successful in withstanding liberal opposition.

As Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake told NBC News, “Arizonans are crying out for common sense security measures.” 

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They are sending this controversial immigration policy to voters this November to attempt to rally Republican support in the election. The Daily Wire speculates that this bill “could drive voters concerned with illegal immigration to the polls — which could hurt President Joe Biden, who has been broadly criticized for his handling of illegal immigration, in the swing state.”

Democrats have pushed back against this bill claiming that these legislations can be costly for taxpayers. Meanwhile, Republican state Rep. Justin Heap said, “I hear my Democratic colleagues concerned about the cost that may accrue in this. Arizona citizens are already paying costs for illegal immigration every day. They pay it in their housing, they pay it in their utility bills, they paid in their grocery bills, their medical care, their insurance, and as we’ve heard today, some of them pay for it with their lives, and with the safety of their communities.”


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