'A Big Damn Deal': Cruz Fumes Over Report of ISIS Suspects Having Crossed the Border

Beatriz Madan | June 14, 2024
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A shocking recent report revealed that several suspected ISIS terrorists illegally crossed the U.S. border, raising questions about how many more may have done so - and who is in the country that we don’t know about.

The Daily Wire reported that in just the last week, “Eight foreign nationals with suspected ties to ISIS were reportedly arrested in recent days in multiple U.S. cities after they illegally entered the country through the southern border.” 

These individuals were Tajikistan men who were apprehended in a coordinated operation across major U.S. cities including New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. They had been on the FBI’s radar and were detained by personnel from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Several politicians, including Republican Senators John Kennedy (Louisiana) and Ted Cruz (Texas) have spoken out against the border being exploited by suspected terrorists, calling for stronger border legislation from the Biden administration. 

Speaking on his podcast this week, Cruz called the most recent report a “big damn deal,” suggesting the Biden administration isn’t giving proper gravity to the situation, or the risks of having a border open to exploitation. 

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“We have eight suspected terrorists, with ISIS-K, who’ve been arrested,” he said. “Now they came into this country illegally at our southern border. The Biden administration apprehended them, and then they let them go. They let terrorists go. And I’ve been saying for a long time, we are at a greater risk of a major terrorist attack in the United States right now than we have been any time since September 11.”

This situation is only worsening as more illegal aliens continue to flood the country, including people from anti-American countries or those with criminal ties. MRCTV reported in April that a man on the terror watchlist with ties to a violent militant group was allowed into the U.S. after crossing the border illegally in 2023 and spent a year roaming the country before finally being nabbed as a terrorist - only to be freed once again on bond.

During a hearing in January, Sen. Kennedy pointed to data showing Border Patrol apprehended 169 persons on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist attempting to cross the southern border illegally in Fiscal Year 2023 alone. 

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