BMW Getting Blowback for Response to Why They Don't Display 'Pride' Logo in 'Certain' Countries

Beatriz Madan | June 5, 2024
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With the beginning of Pride Month many companies have adorned their logos with rainbow colors purportedly to show “support” for the LGBTQ+ community.  However, people have been quick to point out that such displays are not consistent across all regions.

In the Middle East, these logos don’t show up in the multicolored celebratory fashion they do in the U.S. during Pride Month, sparking confusion among many. 

When automaker BMW was asked via a tweet why their logo was different, they gave an unexpected yet candid answer stating, “This is an established practice at the BMW Group, which also takes into consideration market-specific legal regulations and country-specific cultural aspects.” 

BMW's response triggered a wave of criticism, with many accusing the company of prioritizing marketing strategies over genuine support for LGBTQ+ causes. Many people responded with posts on X, like the following:

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It appears that BMW, along with so many other logo-changing companies, are simply capitalizing on Pride Month propaganda and virtue signaling for promotional purposes as opposed to actually standing up for the LGBTQ+ communities.


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