Illegal Alien Arrested In Connection With Murders At Chick-fil-A

Beatriz Madan | June 28, 2024

On Wednesday there was yet another incident of an illegal alien allegedly murdering innocent civilians.

Oved Bernardo Mendoza Argueta, 37, is an illegal alien from El Salvador. Argueta reportedly entered a Chick-fil-A in Irving, Texas where he shot and killed two employees.

The Irving Police would call the shooting a “targeted incident and not a random act of violence.” 

Texas authorities have revealed that Argueta had an “ICE hold.” According to the agency, they issue these holds for non-citizens who have been arrested by local or state police to indicate ICE intends to take them into custody.


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Essentially, this man is in the U.S. illegally, has been apprehended by authorities in the past, and yet still roamed free and allegedly took two innocent lives.

Chick-Fil-A commented, “Our hearts are broken by the tragedy that unfolded inside our restaurant Wednesday. We will miss our two Team Members dearly. Right now, our focus is on providing care for our Team and the victims’ families”

Tragedies like these are unfortunate reminders of the danger that comes from Biden's border. 

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