Other Contestants ‘Disgusted’ After Losing to a Man in Miss Maryland Competition

Beatriz Madan | June 28, 2024

Last month in the Miss Maryland competition, a man who goes by the name of Bailey Anne Kennedy pretended to be a girl and won the competition. Now, several of the fellow contestants who lost to Kennedy have spoken to the Daily Signal about their honest reactions. 

Part of the problem to begin with was that many of the contestants didn’t even realize they were competing with a biological man. Due to his deceivingly feminine appearance, these women understandably were unable to identify Bailey’s real sex. 

“I first realized I competed with a biological man a few days after the competition,” contestant Elizabeth McCarthy said. “I saw it on the Miss Maryland USA Instagram post. At first, I was shocked. I felt sick to my stomach and was so upset for the other women in the top five. I was disgusted and disappointed that the pageant coordinators allowed women to undress in front of a man without any disclosure.” 

But perhaps more important was that the contestants felt robbed of possibly winning. This biological man beat all the other women, and it was pointed. 

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“A transgender woman gets crowned during first day of transgender Pride Month?” one contestant who remained anonymous asked. “It did not seem like a coincidence. Especially when owner of the pageant is a transgender woman herself. I was feeling like neither myself nor my fellow contestants had a fair opportunity from the beginning.”

Many women said they were “disgusted” and they felt the competition was “rigged,” according to The Daily Wire.  

These women who have fought so hard and so long to reach this stage of the competition were beat by a man due to an LGBTQ+ agenda, which has been embedded in too many aspects of American culture.


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