Track Coaches Speak Out After Trans Woman Crushes Competition at a Girls High School Event

Beatriz Madan | June 27, 2024

Last month, a women’s track competition near Seattle, Washington was won by a man who claimed to be a woman. 

Formerly known as Donovan Brown and now Veronica Garcia, this person “won” first place at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) state track meet. The state of Washington allows anyone to participate in any sports team they “most consistently identify with,” regardless of undergoing hormone changes or suppressants.

In an interview with the Independent Women’s Forum, the coaches spoke out against this unjust victory. 

“This individual robbed these girls of their podium spot, and the girl who could have come in eighth [place] didn’t even get to be on the podium and earn a medal,” coach Jason Keniston said.

Coach Brad Anderson later added, “[One] girl just put a heck of a time on the board –– great time –– and she still loses. That was hard to watch.”

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Several parents were also quick to point out that Veronica’s time isn’t even impressive for a biologically male athlete. 

“He wouldn’t even have made it to districts,” One mother said. “That time isn’t even competitive for a varsity high school male athlete. He’s a [junior varsity] runner.”

For all the leftists advocating for equality, I hope they realize that these girls didn’t work so hard and train so intensely only to be beaten by a below-average biologically male athlete.  The idea that the best women are subpar men is completely counterproductive to the concept of gender equality and fairness.


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