Ben Shapiro's Sister Targeted By Anti-Semitic Online Trolls

Bryan Michalek | October 31, 2017
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Although Ben Shapiro is no stranger to the attacks of online trolls, his sister, Abigail, a 24-year-old opera singer, has had plenty on her own YouTube channel and professional website. 

The most saddening part of this story is that Abigail, who's not a controversial public figure or a journalist, is most likely being targeted in connection with her brother, who has long been the target of internet hate.

According to a report by, Abigail's YouTube page has now shut off its comments section after getting slews of graphic and obscene posts. also found that a site titled the Daily Heathen featuring a story headlined “Ben Shapiro Now Using His Sister’s Khazar Milkers to Bring All the Goys to the Yard.”

Abigail's also received hateful commentary on her own professional page.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, placed the blame on anti-Semitic members of the alt-right.

"The members of the 'alt-right' who are doing this have absolutely no shame," he said in a statement to Forward. He added, "The disgusting anti-Semitic attacks and harassment of Ben Shapiro's sister on her professional YouTube channel is an example of how low these haters will go to attempt to intimidate Jewish journalists and their families." 

Ben Shapiro, who was on the ADL's top 10 most targeted journalists list himself, told Forward, "My sister doesn't deserve this."

Greenblatt also promised to notify his contacts at YouTube to try and find a solution.

As for Abigail, she's decided to go public with the trolling, saying, "Now that they know who I am, I'm going to be living with these kinds of things forever -- people sending me gross stuff."

"I'd rather it not be something I deal with privately," she said. "My name is going to be linked with Ben's at this point or down the line." 

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(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)