Bengals RB Jokingly Predicts Decent Gas Prices Won't Last For Long

John Simmons | August 24, 2022
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Joe Mixon is an All-Pro running back for the Cincinnati Bengals who's newest side hustle appears to be economic forecasting.

The NFL’s third-leading rusher last season tweeted out that Americans should be worried about unbearable gas prices, despite the relative dip in the average cost per gallon (the national average as of this morning  was $3.88). 

While prices hopefully won’t get that high, Mixon is onto something.

With the amount of money that our government is printing and using for a variety of reasons, inflation will inevitably rise. Gas seems to be the commodity that has been hit the hardest by these prices, and with how incredibly incompetent this administration has been, it seems like it wouldn’t take much for Mixon’s prediction to come true.

Hopefully Mixon and Cincinnati’s season has a brighter future than our nation’s economy.