Bernie Sanders Calls Internet Access a 'Basic Human Right,' Rolls Out $150 Billion Subsidy Plan

Brittany M. Hughes | December 6, 2019
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Sen. Bernie Sanders has added Internet access to his long list of things that should be available to all for "free," vowing to break up cable companies and declaring high speed Internet a “basic human right.”

Speaking in Iowa Friday morning, the Vermont senator and 2020 presidential candidate revealed his new plan to break up cable and internet companies and provide “free” – i.e., heavily government subsidized – internet for all via the Green New Deal.

“It is outrageous that across the country millions of Americans and so many of our communities do not have access to affordable high-speed internet,” Sanders said in a statement. “Access to the internet is a necessity in today's economy, and it should be available for all.

"We are going to take on the greedy internet, telecom and cable monopolies and put an end to their absurd prices gouging. Just as President Roosevelt fundamentally made America more equal by bringing electricity to every farm and rural community over 80 years ago, as president, I will do the same with high-speed internet.”

USA Today reports the plan would funnel $150 billion in federal grants to help cities and towns build “publicly owned broadband internet networks.”

“He would also require all internet service providers to offer affordable plan for high-speed internet, and require a minimum speed of 100 mbps downloads and 10 mbps uploads. Families and individuals that qualify for federal assistance programs, such as Medicaid or food assistance, would have fully subsidized access,” the report adds.

The plan would also break up service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon and slap heavy regulations on what services they’d be allowed to offer.

Internet access joins health care, college, housing and food on the list of things the self-proclaimed democratic socialist has promised to make available for "free" to anyone who can't -- or won't -- pay for it themselves.

(Cover Photo: Bernie Sanders)