Bette Midler’s Mad Twitter: The Right Cares More about Gas Prices than Women?

Jason Cohen | November 4, 2022
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Bette Midler is back at promoting deranged and divisive content from her colossal Twitter platform.

This time she posted a screenshot of an insane tweet by @the_meghaning that says, “When your wife or daughter is arrested for having a miscarriage, or when she dies during pregnancy because abortions are illegal, at least you can take comfort that your vote was based on the price of a gallon of gas.”

Midler’s screenshot and the original tweet have tens of thousands of likes. The left is sick to think this is what the right desires and prioritizes. 

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How much must you despise your fellow Americans to think they believe this? The left clearly considers conservatives to be absolute monsters to truly perceive that they prioritize gas prices over women's lives. 

In truth, the right respects life and strives to preserve it. They believe that abortion is murder in many circumstances. Instead of empathizing with this, liberals prefer to assume conservatives hate women and want to oppress them. 

Such a toxic perspective. The left has no desire to understand through debate. Instead, they would rather demonize and hate. 

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